We grow businesses

  Heron Capital invests in businesses with significant growth potential. Recognising that one of the major challenges in running a growing business is having the time and support to effectively “work on the business as well as in the business”.   We also provide strategic support and commercial oversight in the companies we invest in. In addition Heron also provides financial management services, ensuring that our expertise is available to all companies.


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Investment/Equity finance

Heron invests in early stage businesses with significant growth potential, typically by taking an equity stake although we are also open to considering other funding structures/mechanisms. Heron likes to get actively involved in its investments, providing both time and experience to ensure they achieve their goals. Our professional staff have sufficient experience to have a business focussed outlook and can relate to the entrepreneurs’ world.

Finance Resource

We can provide your company with additional financial management resource, whether it be for operational or strategic reasons. We recognise that as businesses grow so management access to data and analysis becomes more important. Our staff have significant experience in all aspects of Finance from a variety of sectors.

Strategic/commercial advice

We can help companies that have already grown significantly but are looking for ways to take their business to the next level. Our experience and background means that we are not limited to investing in start-up and early stage businesses. Each of Heron’s partners have established and grown successful businesses, and they also have a strong track-record of helping others to do so. We have all worked closely with teams outside finance and are able to consider the bigger picture in an organisation.

Co-investment partnerships

Heron is keen to work with other investors who have an appetite for private equity investing. You may be a private individual who is keen to benefit from Heron’s infrastructure to find and manage investment opportunities. Or perhaps you are another private equity business looking to spread risk and access a wider pool of investment opportunities, contacts and knowledge. Either way, we would be very happy to talk with you about working together.


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